Refund policy

Domes can only be returned in the event of the wrong item being sent or a serious manufacturing defect.

In the event of any small issues, we will do our best to supply a fix or replacement of the relevant part and if applicable, a partial refund to compensate for any extra work to be done. 

Shipping Disclaimer:

When your dome is being delivered, please make sure to check for any damages, missing or loose items right away and note it on the form the driver is having you sign as damaged if you discover anything. 
Without this, we cannot make a claim in the event of damages. 
Please count everything and make sure it is there asap. 
While your accessories (flashings, solar fans etc.) usually ship separately via Canada Post or courier, each dome should contain:
- Frame Crate with struts, curtain tracks and hardware inside
- big green insulation bundle
- heavy cover bundle
- somewhat less heavy liner and curtain bundle

On the new version, cover, liner and curtain will be in a separate crate together. 

Please check for any holes, tears, rips, or missing items asap, before signing the delivery slip. 

We have had several damaged shipments due to the carrier’s negligence which is out of our control, and need to make sure we can make an insurance claim if necessary. 

If you are only reporting damages later, we cannot be held responsible. 
Of course we will replace any missing items due to miscounts at packaging.