23'/7m Glamping package Beige
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Phoenix Glamping Dome

23'/7m Glamping package Beige - custom layout

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This dome package has the panorama window to the left side (our usual glamping package domes have it on the right) due to an error in production. 

This didn't work for the customer who received it, but it may work perfectly for you!

The cover has been set up for about a month and then replaced. It does not have any holes, cuts or damages but may have slight amounts of surface dirt just from being re-packed on the ground, which is easy to clean off. Cover is in as new condition, with everything else being brand new in package. 

32mm tubing, grey curtain, 3 opening vents, skylight and panorama window non-opening. Light Beige colour. (please note picture looks wrinkly because cover was never tensioned down, it will be tight once set up properly)