How to winterize a geodesic Dome

Geodesic Dome

Who says that winter is for us to stay at home?  When in fact, winter can be much more fun than you have ever thought of.

Winter glamping is one of the best things you can do during the coldest season of the year. It is such a cozy experience outside your home. You can enjoy camping just like other seasons while feeling nature’s cool and crisp air, and of course, without giving up the modern luxuries of getting comfortable.

A Phoenix Dome – whether in your back yard, on your vacation property, or on the family farm out in the country, will give you an affordable getaway that can be set up by the whole family in a matter of days yet enjoyed for many years.

Insulate a geodesic dome for winter

You might get a little excited about this unique idea but still worried about how to keep yourself warm inside the dome, knowing that it’s freezing cold outside. So, here comes the power of insulation.

Phoenix domes use two layers of insulation to keep you warm during winter days.  Our light insulation package consists of a reflective aluminum foil/bubble wrap and a decorative interior covering. The Aluminum insulation goes outside the frame while the Pleather layer is suspended from the inside’s hubs, creating insulating air space and giving the dome a clean, polished look.

We perfected the use of Pleather and aluminum insulation to keep the warmth inside the elegant eco-pod. If you desire additional insulation and want to turn your dome into a permanent structure, we suggest to spray foam the interior of your dome to achieve a higher R-value. The spray foam can then be covered easily with the pleather liner.

Ways to heat your geodesic dome

The Phoenix dome’s structural strength comes from its inter-connected triangles and the spherical shape. Hence, no corners can obstruct the ambient airflow inside the dome, making it easy to maintain the desired temperature.

Heat options are:

  • Wood Stove: You can easily install a wood stove in your dome with our Chimney Flashing A wood stove provides dry, comfortable heat, a romantic feel, and is the #1 solution for off-grid applications.
  • Pellet Stove: Efficient and clean-burning, a pellet stove requires less knowledge to operate than a wood stove which can make it a good solution for glamping rentals while still getting the dry heat and romantic glow of a wood fire. They are a bit pricier and usually require heat for a blower that can be heard at night.
  • Propane: Any propane heat in a Dome needs to be direct vented to avoid moisture buildup and consensation. Low-maintenance and user friendly, a propane stove or furnace will blast heat the moment you turn it on until you turn it off, and is easy to regulate with a switch or remote.
  • Electricity: There are a number of electrical heat options, from traditional baseboards, to overhead or infloor infrared heaters.


Tips for winterizing a dome home

Winterizing your dome wouldn’t be complete without following these helpful tips:

Check for leaks

While it is very unlikely that your dome cover will leak, fallen branches or sharp objects can cause small holes. These are easily fixed with the patch kit provided.

Check the seal around the edge

It is best to check the edge of the dome where it hangs over the platform or pad, and seal up any entry points where small animals can enter your dome. Vinyl or wood trim will create a tight seal and clean looking finish.

Use a dehumidifier

Since warm air can contain more moisture than cold air, condensation may accumulate on the exposed frame in the window. Using a dehumidifier will help keep the moisture down in the dome and prevent potential condensation and mold issues.

A wood stove also helps dry out the air!

Outfitting your dome home for winter

Since we love the idea of spending the winter season inside a dome, there are plenty of easy upgrades you can make to prepare for chilly winter nights.


A curtain adds privacy to your dome and shade, while also adding insulation on those cold winter nights.

Door Awning

An awning serves two functions for your dome. One, it protects your door from rain exposure. Two, it undoubtedly improves the dome’s appearance. A hexagon or diagonal awning can significantly enhance the dome’s appeal.


This gives a little drama to your dome. Add a skylight to your roof and see countless stars in the sky at night. Our removable, insulated skylight cover makes it easy to cover up the skylight against too much heat in the summer, or heat loss in the winter, while enjoying the stars for the remainder of the year.

If you’re ready to give your winter a whole new different set-up, a Phoenix dome experience will do the magic for you. As you prepare for this, we hope that you follow our winterizing tips and use dome add-ons to achieve another life’s one of a kind experience.